There are three books about the history of Houghton and Wyton:

Potto Brown: The Village Philanthropist
Edited by Albert Goodman, published by the author, St Ives., Hunts, 1878

Potto Brown(1797-1871) was born and lived all his life in Houghton and was a successful businessman in the milling industry and in farming in Huntingdonshire. He was a non-conformist and promoted his own independent beliefs financing the building of chapels and churches in Huntingdonshire and being involved in their management.

The philanthropy in the title of the book refers to his social activities in the village of Houghton and Wyton, and in the surrounding area. The book was written by Potto’s friends shortly after his death and is in several sections each covering a different aspect of his life.

Reminiscences of Bateman Brown JP
By Bateman Brown, published by The Peterborough Advertiser Company Ltd., 1905

Bateman Brown(1823-1909) was the elder son of Potto Brown. The book covers Bateman’s personal, business and political life.

A Jubilee Memorial of the Union Chapel, Houghton, Huntingdon.
By Henry Bell, published by Cambridge University Press, 1890

Henry Bell was the Minister of Houghton Chapel in the late nineteenth century. The Chapel was built by Potto Brown and his friend and business partner Joseph Goodman(1799-1844) in 1840. For many years it remained the personal property of Potto Brown and his descendents and initially Potto governed the form of worship and the appointment of ministers. The book covers the first fifty years of the Chapel’s history.

The books had small print runs and very rarely appear in the used book market. A few libraries have copies though these are usually not available for loan.

The Society has been able to put the text of all three fascinating books onto a single CDRom. Copies of the disc are available from :

Houghton & Wyton LHS
Church View
Chapel Lane
PE28 2AY

The price is £10.50 (sterling) and £12.50 for orders from abroad. Both prices include including packing and postage.

The Goodman Genealogical Book

However, this title is misleading as “Surrey” refers to where the author had settled during middle age.

The book is about the descendents of the Goodman family that lived living in Elm, near Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England in the late Seventeenth century but it also gives much detail about the families of those who married the Goodmans of this line.

Amongst the families mentioned are:

  • Brown (of Houghton), Huntingdonshire
  • Danns of Huntingdonshire
  • Dixon of (Wickhams Bishops) Essex
  • Richardson of Sunderland
  • Stead of Cleveland
  • Tebbutt of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire
  • Wilson of Cleveland

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